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LAMDA Examinations



Wildcats are a private registered centre for LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) examinations, and as such teach the LAMDA Musical Theatre syllabus to all children who attend the school.  

Mini Wildcats - LAMDA’s solo introductory examinations are designed to introduce learners to creative expression and to the LAMDA examinations framework.

Learners will develop the ability to share a poem and respond to simple questions with confidence, whilst also enhancing their memory and recall skills. There are three different exams at this level, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 - each progressing in what is required to pass the exam.

Junior and Senior Wildcats - LAMDA Musical theatre examinations are designed to develop the skills necessary to communicate the dramatic content of musical text over a range of musical theatre styles/categories.

Suitable for both actors and singers, these examinations allow learners to creatively explore the world through performance and song. Key speaking skills such as diction and audibility are fundamental to singing and these examinations offer a fun and engaging way to develop these skills. Learners will also build technical skills in movement, setting and staging, musical pitch, rhythm and phrasing and will explore style, form, character, subtext and context in order to realise the specific demands of the scene and/or song.

These examinations provide learners with the opportunity to develop skills which support the delivery of dramatic text and devised performance. For this reason, these exams complement LAMDA examinations in Acting and Devising Drama. For Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 the emphasis is on performance and presentation. At Level 3 it also includes the study of musical theatre as a whole. 

The LAMDA prospectus can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE  Please note LAMDA do not deal with parents directly, so any comments or queries please contact us on 01780 762000.

LAMDA EXAM FORM 2016 for registered students - please use the form below if you need a spare copy.