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Wildcats students achieve excellent results in musical theatre exams

Wildcats Academy, based in Castle House, Stamford are celebrating as they received results from recent musical theatre exams taken earlier in the year by part time and full time students at the school.  Georgia Burdock, Age 14 from Baston also became the youngest Wildcat student to take Grade 7 - and achieve a distinction grade.

A large number of children took LAMDA (London Academy for Music and Dramatic Arts) examinations in Musical Theatre or Communication.  The school are a private centre for LAMDA examiners, and twice each year representatives from LAMDA attend to examine the students.

Children who attend Mini Wildcat classes took the LAMDA Introductory exams which involve a number of areas of communication including reciting a poem with character and expression.  Junior, Senior and Academy Wildcats take Musical Theatre exams – starting at Entry Level and working up to Grade 8 (gold medal).

The results for the school have been outstanding with a large number of children aged 4-16 achieving a merit or distinction grade.  Wildcats Academy full time students also achieved high grades with a number of distinctions at Grade 7 (silver) and Grade 8 (gold). 

Georgia Burdock, age 14 from Baston is a part time student who has been with Wildcats for 6 years.  Having worked her way up the grades she is the youngest Wildcat member to achieve a distinction at Grade 7.  Georgia has always been a dedicated Wildcat student and works hard during classes.  

Caz Dolby, Creative Director of Wildcats said ‘All of the Wildcat students have done incredibly well in this years round of LAMDA examinations.  Georgia is an example of a student who is dedicated, committed and an excellent role model to our younger students, she works hard not only attending classes herself but also helping out with the younger children.  She supported them in practicing for their own LAMDA exams whilst working towards her own Grade 7.   We would like to congratulate all of the Wildcat students who have received results and thank the parents for their support during the preparation period.’

Wildcats hold LAMDA accredited classes across the local area.  For more information or to book a taster session call 01780 762000 or email