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Wildcats Theatre School are in the middle of a week of half term activities as part of the Stamford Arts Centre Festival of Ghosts 2010.  Children from across the local area are taking part in 3 different workshops - Glee Day proved a great success with over 25 children taking to the stage learning songs and dances from the popular TV programme.  Edward and Jacob fans attended the Twilight day which focused on script and music from the Twilight books and films, and young dancers are about to attend the 'so you think you can dance' Halloween special - which will teach routines to Thriller, Adams Family, Rocky Horror show and much more.

The days are led by the Wildcats team; Caz Dolby, Kelly-Ann Soper and Elly Thompson with support from Helen Holroyd, senior Wildcat with the school.  Caz Dolby, Director said 'The days were a great success, we worked with children who are already members of the theatre school but also lots of new children that had their first taste of how we deliver sessions at Wildcats.  All of our projects and activities are designed to be inclusive to all, encouraging children with any level of ability to take part, learn something new, build confidence and have fun.  Our performances at the end of each day reflected this; with children smiling, laughing and proud to show of what they had achieved.'

'We would also like to congratulate Elly Thompson on planning and leading her first workshop (Twilight).  Over the past months Elly has grown in confidence and has proven she is capable and ready to teach children at our holiday programmes.  We look forward to seeing Elly at lots of other activities over Christmas and throughout 2011'.