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Our Patrons


Winston Jean-Charles. Trained at Brooking School of Ballet for three years where he qualified in ISTD ballet (Cecchetti). After completing his three year diploma, Winston''s first professional job was working in Norway for six months in a show called ''Daba Daba''. He then moved into the commercial side of the industry. He has worked with the likes of  Jermaine Jackson (The Jacksons), Whitney Houston (RIP) Diana King, Spice Girls, Cher

Winston worked on the Nickleodeon tour, hosted by Nick Cannon, which toured the United States of America. The experience he gained from working in the States led to choreographic work. Some of his work to date include: Miss Ireland for Miss World, Smirnoff Awards, Cannes Music Festival, Mission Controls Artists, Sports Dimensions Clothing Co, Hawkeye Clothing Co, Reebok Asian tour (NBA Shaquille O''Neil), Fantazia tour (Cannes and Spain), Big Brother''s Big Mouth (Channel 4).

Winston has taught for various Performing Arts Schools including, The Brit School, Pineapple Performing Arts School and through his company (NU FLOW dance Co) he supplies hip-hop dance teachers and performances for schools, colleges and universities.   Winston always teaches/performs to inspire.

Winston has worked with Wildcats and running dance workshops during the holidays - he is an inspiration to all the children young and old and they always come away from his workshops happy, smiling and having learnt new skills.


It doesn't matter whether someone is more smarter, talented, experienced than you...What matters, what really matters is........ if your willing to work really hard with no excuses (practice, practice, practice) every day, then YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS (believe). No matter what, believe. When I say pratice every day it doesn't have to be all day. Whats important is consistency. To consistently practice!!!